Brandon Allen. We underestimated him... or at least most of us did. As a freshman on the UofA campus we worried about the future post-Tyler Wilson, kind of the same way we underestimated a kid from Greenwood when we knew that Ryan Mallett would eventually don a cap and gown (or a Kanye West T-shirt and cargo shorts) and leave The Hill for an NFL career. Little did we know that Brandon (as we'll call him for future reference sake) would end up being in the Top Three in five of the six major career statistics in RAZORBACKS passing history. Note: the one exception would be his being 4th in single season yards with Mallett holding onto the first and third spots.

The quarterback slot turned out alright for us in both of these cases, didn't it?

What about now? And the next two years? Austin Allen must be doing well for Coach Bielema to give him the nod for the 2016 season. Some might say that there is a lack of talent in Fayetteville at the admiral position. Some would be mistaken. The young talents that chose to sit the bench and remain a RAZORBACK are no slouches. Hence, they say practice and competition makes you better. Austin has no choice but to be sharp and remain sharp. Ty Storey is no joke, and if Austin wants to remain the primary signal caller until graduation day, he knows that he has no choice but to improve day after day. If he fails, there are a hungry fans that will not be opposed to QB2 becoming QB1.

                                           You hear us, Austin. We are cheering for you.

We like what we are seeing in the preseason in and about the training facilities surrounding DWR, however there are many things yet to be determined. The question may not be the talent at the quarterback position. The question may be if there is enough talent around Austin to buy him the time in the pocket that Brandon was afforded. The answer to this mystery will be what ultimately defines the Era of Allen... denouement. Step out of the shadow and define yourself as you, AA. You have our support.

Photos courtesy of Saturday Down South and a great blog going by the name of Razorbackers. Please give them both your support.

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