A Return To Arms

Posted by Hayden Hodges | 2:14 AM | 1 comments »

We're Back!  The best in the biz of wordsmithing, RAZORBACK insight, and sports wizardry are making their triumphant return.  After a long hiatus, we have decided that is is completely selfish of us to keep this talent wrapped up inside of our own cerebral vaults and to share with you the knowledge and expertise of the best bloggers in the World today.

Sure, we took time off to recharge, focus on realities, and to tour the greater United States to find that one great contributor that would push our blog over the edge.  However, after 134-interviews (and countless e-mail from our fans asking.... no begging for our return), we realized that we are what this State and the entire blogosphere goes in search of at 2:43 in the A.M. when their hands leave the confines of their X-Box remotes and they need their sports fix.

We've got what you need, when you need it.  We're not holding back this time.  There are no new surprises, just a license to unleash what we've been wanting to actually say for years - the boss turned off the censors and unhooked the leash..... And we did lie somewhat....  We do have one surprise in store for you: we did find that one equal that will make your synapses appreciate you dragging your ass past the Swiss Rolls and over to the mountain of junk mail that you call a desk.  Stay tuned for an addition to the family.

Until then, visit tomorrow when we break down the schedule for the Arkansas RAZORBACKS 2012 Football campaign.  And we're sure that we'll make fun of Paris Hilton as well, just for tradition's sake.

It is Time.