Okay, how cliche could we have been with the title of this one? "The Quest for Liberty" - What? An Ole Miss blogger probably could have done better.... No, our New Year's Resolution was to be more confident, and despite how lame our title was, we know that even the Sherlock of Costello's over at Ole Miss Blogger Nation could not have come up with something half as a good. [For you mathematicians out there, one-half of zero is still zero.]

Wait, we are obsessing with Ole Miss who obsesses with our obsessing of them. It is a tangled, nutty weave, but we digress.

Suspensions for the bowl game: ouch. By now you know that Matt Harris, Marques Wade, and Wendel Davis have all been suspended for what is an "alleged" curfew violation at the team Hotel. Get better security, Mr. Peabody.

Ryan Mallet's and D.J. Williams' names are being tossed around about leaving for The League.

And even the brief talk of Bobby Petrino's departure for Florida with the brief resignation of Urban Myers. Move on.

But it is time to focus. Are the Hogs focused? To be continued....