What is Left?

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Let us call a spade a spade - our trip to Oxford sucked. Of course, we got to sit by probably three of the most obnoxious football fans in the Country. The Grove was a sloppy mess. Excluding the game, Vaught-Hemingway (is that their married name) Stadium has very little, if any, entertainment. It is kind of boring actually. Plus, most of it looks like it could collapse at any moment. Seriously.

But that is just us being sourpusses due to the game. Did we mention the game? It had more in common with a Hoover than it did with a football game. We got beat. Period. Yes, there were a few bad calls, a few bad no-calls, and a guy with his best "Where's Waldo" sweater on, but these affected no one except Section K who feared Waldo's 40-Weight hair blowing up from exposure to his lighter. You know who you are, Waldo. And if you do not, then there truly is a problem in Oxford.

Arkansas got McClusterf.... Never mind. #22 caught, ran, and danced all over the field. It makes us sick to our stomach to say that he "bounced around out there." We did not get outcoached; we got outplayed. We missed opportunities and Ole Miss did not. We dropped passes, we missed holes, we definitely missed tackles. '22' was not a jersey number, it was a license plate.

No mention of a ridiculous Gatorade bath is necessary. No mention of a mad man chewing his nails and impersonating a crab. And no mention of some of the (surprisingly) most rude fans that we have ever met. We had a stereotype of how nice Ole Miss fans were, and many of them are, but we met more people that we could not stand, that were more interested in making fun of us throughout the game. You do not like our "Calling the Hogs?" At least you can understand the words and meaning to that. No one... we mean NO ONE... outside of the 50th-ranked-in-everything state of Mississippi can understand more than four words of "Hotty Toddy."

Wait, calm down, we are off-topic here and it is Wednesday. Someone please pass the Xanax before we embarrass ourselves further.....

Congrats, Ole Miss, you played a fantastic ballgame. Great job. Kudos to your players.

Oh, and what is left for the Razorbacks? The road to a bowl game starts Saturday against Eastern Michigan. Focus, guys, we got this one. Then we have to beat (in no particular order) Troy, and at least one out of three with South Carolina, Mississippi State, and LSU. We have a chance to win all of them, but then again, we have a chance to lose most of them. We have to show up and take steps forward each week. No more taking a week off like this past Saturday. Too much focus perhaps?

Go HOGS!!!

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