Far be it of The Big Red Board.com to say what is right and what is wrong, but we were more than glad to point out what was wrong. We were also more than glad to call the Southeastern Conference Headquarters in Forrest's home state and to politely express our displeasure as an SEC fan. We were also quick to e-mail Mr. Roger Redding, the head of SEC officiating. Do not worry, we did our best not to make fools out of ourselves nor our beloved state.

But the real reason for this article is not to brag on how pathetically we base our life and love on sports. No, it is to thank those that, whatever their purpose or agenda may be, came to the aid of the Razorbacks and their fan base and showed their displeasure. Yes, some did it just as fans of the sport, some did it because they hate the SEC, some did it because they hate Florida, some did it because they hate officials, and some did it because they are our SEC brethren, who, for one reason or another - be it they support us or they know now that they do not stand a chance against Florida - are right now at a total disgust with the SEC talking heads and their officials.

Whatever the reason, there are several blog sites, message boards, media/news (both regional and national) sites, television networks, newspapers, and newspapers that did not allow this football injustice to stand. All of the Hog sites covered it, but, like we said, so did some regional blogs. Sites like Dawgs BUI, Bleacher Report.com, BallHype, YardBarker, and several others around the SEC and nation too numerous to mention. But we thank all of you.

And now we debate extending what would be a bittersweet 'Thank you' to Mr. Redding and the people at the SEC. Your admitting the "incorrectness" of your officiating crew was Step One in a rehabilitation process unseen by the likes of even Linsdsay Lohan. But right now we are not sure what to think. Even Florida's PR department is reportedly "the SEC robbed Arkansas." But who knows for sure? And the biggest question of all: how long will anybody care?

Oh, and, Redding, "FIRE THAT WHITE HAT!"

Go HOGS!!!

And a last minute thank you to whomever made the picture above. Feel free to take credit it for our stolen JPEG.

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