The blowout victory over the Aggies was a much needed refresher for a fan base that has had little to cheer about since Houston Nutt discovered the "Unlimited" plan from the then Cingular. Scoring touchdowns on a higher percent of offensive possessions has once again given hope to the masses that don the Cardinal and White not only on Saturdays, but throughout the week as well.

A Ryan Mallet led offense has put up huge numbers and been very effective in three out of four games this year. Receivers making both the amazing and simple catches for a change has inspired better protection from an experienced offensive line. Running backs that desire and crave the ball on their opportunities have done nothing but complimented a pass heavy offense that (as bad as we hate to sound cliche) needs the opposing defense to remain honest.

However, there is one hole. One huge, gaping hole that still needs a good dose of spackle to hold the entire team together as one collective wall. The defense. No, the schemes do not appear to be bad, however, the tackling is worse than a live performance by Ashley Simpson. Do not get us wrong, the defense played well against lowly Missouri State. And we use the term 'lowly' with all of the utmost respect for our lower tier neighbor to the North. Against Texas A&M, the defense looked like they might have actually attended drills during the previous week. But against two top teams such as Georgia and Alabama, the tackling was atrocious.

If a tackle could be missed, The HOGS would miss it. If a hit could be made and an opponent stay on their feet, The HOGS made sure that it happened. If Montgomery Burns could put on an Alabama uniform and take the handoff from the Crimson Tide quarterback (what's his name again?), then The HOGS would have laid a pathway for him to stride into the endzone unassisted by Smithers. Okay, we apologize for the writing rust there, but the point is clear: Arkansas needs to focus hardcore on tackling heading into the meat of the SEC schedule. Malzahn will have his boys ready to bounce off of it. Tebow, who will surely be back, will not be as easy as Paris Hilton to take down. The HOGS play someone the week after that. And then we have to mention Eastern Michigan. So Smith needs to get his squad ready.

And it must be added that the secondary has not struggled with missing tackles against the SEC opponents this year. In fact, they have not been anywhere near the play.

We love you guys. Go HOGS!!!

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