No offense ladies, but you could have done a better job in the 4th Quarter Saturday.
If you can (and we do not encourage this) think of any explicative in your head, then we will bet you that Petrino said it directed towards the officials during the 4th Quarter of yesterday's Razorback game at Florida.

Unbelievable. We are almost speechless at the "job" that the SEC officiating crew (and quite possibly the heads down in Birmingham) pulled on the Hogs. Are St. Tebow and the first-place Gator team so important that they would disgrace the entire conference and its integrity over one game? One undefeated season? One more National Championship that Alabama would still have had a chance to win?

Shame on you, SEC. Shame on you, White Hat. We understand how the officiating game works. We understand the judgement that is passed on you after every game. Hey, White Hat, we hope that there is a package on your doorstep Monday afternoon. We hope that we never see you again, not even around our fair state calling a Hartford at County Line game. Yes, there is a deep joke there, but nothing is more of a joke than you guys. Hey, White Hat, the replay clearly shows that your Umpire was right there, a few feet away, right on top of the personal foul call that you did not even take the time discuss with your crew. You obviously did not see the whole thing.... or did you? Take your white hat off and leave it at the pathetic office that even you do not deserve to call home.

Nice pass interference call from your crew as well. Yeah, it is a judgement call, so we will just let the video evidence stand on its own. And the spot for the ever-taunting Tebow late in the 4th...... pathetic. Even more pathetic than the so-called talent that you call judgement. You should be ashamed and apologize to each Razorback player, coach, and fan for your pitiful display of "professionalism."

We, no screw it, I hope that you sleep well in your pittance of integrity. You are officially a loser, White Hat. You do not deserve your job, but coming from the desk of Mike Slime...... er, Slive, I guess that everything is in harmony in your world. Good luck to you in being a blowhard the rest of your life.

I hope this message reaches you with open arms. Or an open you know what to shove it up.

Yes, we know that the Hogs blew their opportunities, but that is no excuse for the officiating crew to pull this: Thanks to "" and CBS for the highlights. And thank you, Mr. Danielson, for actually seeing the light when it comes to the Gators and Tebow.

Go screw yourself, White Hat. And, oh, I will be calling your office on Monday. And I will not stop calling until we have some sort of satisfactory, public response. You could go tell your family what you did in the meantime to disgrace them and your name, but they probably already saw it dressed in their blue and orange.

And, Florida, Tebow, Myers, Gator fan, whomever; be a man and admit that you were given one. That should be your motto now instead of "we held back on offense." Be a man, White Hat. Hayden, be a man. Mike Slive,.... PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!

Go HOGS!!!

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