Saint Tim Tebow?

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Well, the game that we have all noted on our calendars for this season is finally upon us. But first we have to play the number one team in the Country. Yes, the Hogs have to travel a little further southeast to play the Florida Tebows.

Wait a minute, did we say "Florida Tebows?" Oh well, according to CBS sports, that description is pretty much accurate. How about a highlight reel clip of even just a Gator cheerleader sometime soon, Columbia Broadcasting? My gosh, last Saturday, Tebow's face got more coverage from CBS than a penis at an AIDS rally.

But here lies the question: is the mission serving, third-world surgery performing, living his life as "The Bible" says guy as saintly as people make him out to be? Sure, he is made out to be a great example of Christianity off of the field, but on the field, are his antics and attitude really that of what one deems a Christian?

We bet most of his opponents would disagree. It is a safe bet that the LSU defensive lineman from last Saturday would have some rebuttal. Surely he did not appreciate Tebow grabbing his helmet and pushing him towards the ground after the play was dead. What about all of the times that he has mouthed off to opponents during big Gator victories? How Saintlike is it for him to run around doing the "Gator chomp" right in the faces of his beaten opponents. But he's a great guy,.... right?

We leave that last question up to you. Feel free to comment, but please partake of the poll to the right. We will not hammer you now with countless arguments from both sides of the pro-Tebow/anti-Tebow bandwagons, but we will put it to a vote. Or does anyone even care - "This is football, and football is separate from Christian living and example." Bring that excuse to the table if you must. We apparently already know how much the Heavenly beings care about sports; it has been decided already. But what do you think?

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Go HOGS!!!