On to Oxford

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Ah, the enticement of finely woven fabric in a basketweave pattern making a light-colored dress shirt. The way the fibers feel to the touch. The perfectly aligned buttons, each smooth and glossy, making even the ugliest of Houston Nutt fans look almost spiffy.

Wait, what a mistake has been made. This was supposed to be about Houston Nutt and Oxford........ We all know that he does not have any fans. Well, scratch that first small paragraph. In fact, scratch this paragraph as well. Time for business.

The Florida Gators and the Birmingham Mafia are behind us, but Ole Miss stares us directly in the face. And they do not seem very friendly. Well, actually, they do not seem that mad either. But we are. We are furious. We are furious about the bad calls last Saturday, and the most stubborn and clingy of us all are still upset about a questionable call last year in Fayetteville that some say cost the Hogs the game.

The brief comparisons:

Ole Miss Quarterback (what is his name again?) came into the preseason being touted as the best quarterback in the SEC. That title is not only in jeopardy, but it has all but been placed on the mantle of Razorback Ryan Mallett.

"We had a great time in Oxford."

Even in the WildHog, Ole Miss has put up the offensive numbers that analysts predicted to place them at Number Four in the Country, but their defense has given up a good number themselves. Arkansas has similar stats as the offense has went off of the charts putting up 436 yards per game. The Hogs problem: their defense gives up almost 400 as well.

Houston Nutt's second year is not looking nearly as good and hopeful as his first year did at Ole Miss. Sound familiar? Petrino is righting The Good Ship Razorback, but the record stands at .500, and even a Nirvana song blaring from Mike Slive's office window cannot take the sting out of that.

The Schools: Mississippi likes to think that they are a tradition-rich school. We are not buying it. The Grove has its prestige, but all of the Oxfords in Oxford does not a football school make. Nice try frat boys. Arkansas - it has its tradition and prestige, but that was a long time ago. This is now. The time for winning is now. We do not cling to the last name of Manning. We do not cling to the name McFadden, or Jones, or Bercher, or even Grovey, although they are all cherished.

The fans: Ole Miss - A great fan base, but not the best. Arkansas - The best. On to Oxford.

Go HOGS!!!

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