Pop quiz: what is Eastern Michigan's mascot? Quick. Do not ponder, do not "Google." Do not ask the guy in the next cubicle that says that his third cousin, twice-removed went there. And do not ask someone from Auburn, because they are not even sure what their own mascot is.

All that you need to ask is whether or not a win over Eastern Michigan will count towards bowl eligibility for the Razorbacks. It will by the way; our new friends in the MAC are kind enough to loan us their whipping boy for a Halloween contest that will be a "Red-out" night in Fayetteville. 0 - 7 is the record that Eastern Michigan is rocking. But oddly enough, they areproudful owners of the Nation's number one pass defense. Could this spell trouble for the pass-happy offense of Bobby Petrino and Ryan Mallett? Very doubtful. Correction: very, very doubtful.

Not much to discuss here, but there are a few notes of interest: if the name Eastern Michigan sounds familiar to you, perhaps it is because their athletic director, Dr. Derrick Gragg, used to call Fayetteville home. Gragg was the Razorbacks Associate Athletics Director for Compliance from 2000 to 2003. He also served as a Senior Associate Athletic Director from 2003 until 2006 when he departed for Eastern Michigan. Also, Eastern Michigan Head Coach Ron English was an assistant at Michigan when Ryan Mallett played as a Freshman for the Wolverines.

It could be interesting, but in all honesty, we hope that it is not outside of the facts that a less than capacity crowd will enjoy seeing the Hogs score at will. Everyone got their tickets for what will be a page turning for Petrino and his Razorbacks? See you on 'The Hill.' Happy Halloween.

Now what is the name of their mascot? Perhaps when they are grounded in Donald W. Reynold's on Saturday we will get a hint. Whatever it is, Eastern Michigan is endangered.
Go HOGS!!!
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