If you learned anything from last weeks tough performance by Tennessee’s squad versus Florida is that nothing is guaranteed when playing in the SEC. The media spent much of the past week wondering if Florida would have a chance to run up the score against the Volts and you saw what happened. If you think a Lane Kiffin led team gave Florida a game then it shouldn’t be a surprise to expect such a performance from an experienced coach like Bobby Petrino. The razorbacks led by Quarterback Ryan Mallett and wideout Greg Childs have one of the strongest passing offenses in the country and Alabama hasn’t seen anything like it this season. The Tide has a strong pass rush however Running Back Michael Smith should be able to play and that will help keeping Alabama’s pressure off the line. The Tide is favored by 17 points according to Vegas odds makers but I expect a much closer game and a good performance by Bobby Petrino’s team. Alabama has lost key players including their starting quarterback and possibly the best offensive lineman in College Football last year in tackle Andre Smith. The Tide have won three of four overall against the Razorbacks and four of five in Alabama and coach Saban hopes to have star receiver Julio Jones and tailback Roy Upchurch back from injury to help them get another win. These players were key contributors last year when the Tide won 49-14, but that’s not what we hope for as coach Petrino now has some of his own players taking the field. The coach sees a lot of potential as the “Pig Suey” squad is not landing in Alabama expecting a loss. The Razorbacks have a chance to upset one of the best teams in the nation and that’s what we’re rooting for here at The Big red Board.