Spring into Action

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The Razorbacks Red-White 2009 Spring Game is now behind us, and some say that the questions that many thought would be answered are now even more difficult to decipher.

The big one: who will be the starting quarterback come late August - Ryan Mallett or Tyler Wilson? Wilson, who split time on both the Red Team and the White Team seemed to put up better numbers in the court of opinion. Mallet's passes seemed to look better and get to their desired targets quicker.

Many thought since his announcement of a transfer from Michigan to Arkansas that Mallett would be the hands-down starter come Fall 2009. He did, after all, see significant playing time at the tradition-rich home of the Wolverines. He is big and strong, with an accurate arm that has the pop to get the ball to its desired location at a high velocity. His ability to zip the ball in between defenders quickly earned him permanent tenure in the echoed halls of all that is"YouTube." And at least one Big Blue was so disappointed in Ryan's leaving that he pieced together this video:

Enter Tyler Wilson. Since his signing from Arkansas River Valley powerhouse Greenwood High School, Wilson has impressed the critics and the fans. His arm is strong and accurate, and he has bulked up with muscle since his arrival on campus. He is talented with the ability to make smart decisions. During a previous interview with us, a high school teammate of Wilson's made the statement that Mallett has the ability and potential to play in the NFL someday. Overhearing the conversation, a passerby agreed. Unfortunately, Razorback fans have not been able to see Wilson's full potential. After seeing some playing time early as a Freshman, Tyler was diagnosed with mononucleosis, thus prohibiting him from appearing on the field throughout the remainder of the 2008 campaign.

A tough battle will ensue over the next months for these two athletes, but it is a battle that is welcomed by Razorback faithful. A battle that has been much needed but not seen in awhile, especially with the run happy history that Arkansas has written for decades now.

So our point fails to be made and an answer seems to be a debate for the coaching staff when Fall practice begins. Until then we will have to wish all students well on Finals, and we will see the Hogs in the weight room come May.

We will do our best to analyze the remaining positions' (including some on the remaining athletes at quarterback) outlooks following the Spring game.

Until next time and forever - Go Hogs!!!

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