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What has happened to cause the suspension of Courtney Fortson from the Razorback Basketball team?

How long will he be suspended?

Will we be able to survive Kentucky with only 7 to 8 scholarship players available?

The answers to these questions are as of yet unanswered despite the rumors and "This is what happened" statements floating around the Arkansas Internet World. Does someone know outside of those involved? Probably. Do we know for a fact who that person is? Probably not.

We can talk about the impact that Fortson's suspension will have upon the team, but accusations and innuendos should be avoided until things are cleared up from within the situation. Keep your heads and class about you while we let the young man and those around him keep a private situation just that - private.

We also know that whether or not this could produce off-season transfers weighs on your minds. Pelphrey knows what he is doing; we will just have to hope and leave it at that.

Thank you for your time.

Go Hogs!!!

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