Oh, the Panic Button. The infamous two words get mentioned around athletic programs that have found themselves under hard times. More often than not, the worrying about pressing said button is a warning that even harder times are to follow.

Razorback fans are asking if it is time to fret over the basketball season that started off with a lot of promise, with the Hogs going 12 - 1 including two wins over Top Ten Big XII teams. Since the last of those victories, Hawgball has gone 0 - 3, all in in SEC play, leaving Triskaidekaphobians clutching to their rabbit's foot and avoiding all ladders and black felines.

We ourselves have had time to think about it over the past busy and several days. With what seems like endless flights and hotel stays due to basketball road trips, our normal time spent writing has been focused on catching sleep and hoping that this season does not need that dreaded adjective 'salvageable.'

But now what? No SEC team is in the Top Twenty-five, and Arkansas was on the outskirts of it before dropping three straight. Is even a .500 SEC season going to get the Hogs into The Big Dance? One has to ponder now if John Pelphrey's Razorbacks will even make the SEC Tourney at regular season's end.

It is not time to press the panic button, fans. It is time to sit back and enjoy the kinks that Coach Pelphrey is working out of the offense and defense. How to work around the double-teams that Michael Washington is facing, how to get Rotnei Clarke open more, Courtney Fortson to hit free throws, and how to better defend the perimeter.

With those bumps smoothed out, we will once again see how great this team can and will be. Patience is a virtue; we just hate its cliche.

Go Hogs!!!

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