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Where do we go from here? A season that started out with more promise than a teenage boyfriend has now taken a turn that has it headed down the road of recent Razorback Basketball seasons.

40 Minutes of Pel was to mimic the success of Nolan Richardson's 40 Minutes of Hell, and although the pressing style was different, the results were the same. Arkansas was rolling and had garnished National attention, but now, after four SEC losses in four tries, the Hogs have fallen back into the stereotype that the big name media types have given them over the past decade.

We are tired of it. We have discussed the double-teams on Washington, the soft perimeter defense, and the inability to rotate to the ball. Now injuries, a DWI, and an eligibility issue have once again verified the cliche that history repeats itself.

We all agree that John Pelphrey is the right man for the job. Most of us agree that the talent on this team is worthwhile to compete for a Sweet Sixteen. We now have to question heart and chemistry.

We do not support rumors, nor do we start or thrive on them. We do try to verify. In this case, verification was already being sought for before the success of certain individuals on the team gave a rumored appearance of less than team play.

Did that last sentence make sense? You know, the radical fans' thoughts. Let's attempt to clean it up in English, make our point quickly, and get this piece over with (the players shall remain nameless):

Pass the ball to each other, guys. If Player B is open, by all means, Player A, pass him the ball. Same goes for you, Players C - M. Stop being glory Hogs (no pun intended), Rock and Roll, and get this thing turned back in the right direction.... as A TEAM!

That is, if the talk and perception is true. If not, which to more level heads appears to be the case, then make a few more baskets and create more wins and all of this talk that comes with losing will go away. The simpleton's fix: just play with more heart and more intensity.

Listen to some Bon Jovi pre-game if you have to - "Everyday."

Go Hogs!!!

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