Bubba Hog 911 - One Year Later

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Ninety Percent of Razorback fans know who Bubba Hog is; the other 10 percent have never made a home game in at least Fayetteville.

Adored by the Razorback faithful, Bubba Hog is the epitome of a crazy yet entertaining fan. His solo dance routine when the Razorback Band plays their rendition of CBS's "NFL Today" has long been putting smiles on the home crowds faces while drawing cheers and applause at even a dull point in an unspirited contest. That's not to mention that his dance video from Bud Walton Arena was at one time the number one watched video on YouTube.

But it was one year ago when the news made its way around the Internet and the local television stations when Bubba Hog really made our jaws drop and our hearts skip a beat.

This video from a someone known as jjmetal details the events from one year ago:

Bubba, we are glad that you are okay. Keep cheering on our Hogs and find a new song to dance to.

One last note, if you ever get the chance to hear Bubba's version of Tennessee's "Rocky Top," pay the man if you have to, it is worth the price of admission.

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Apologies go out in advance if this piece bothers anyone, especially the gentleman that is the subject of conversation.