Arkansas fans that enjoy other football games will have to make a choice around 1 o'clock today: show loyalty to its conference and cheer for its SEC brethren, or "turn" in the other direction and root for their opponent. An opponent that has Texas in its name.

Texas Tech, an old Southwest Conference foe, and Ole Miss, a Southeast Conference Western Division opponent (EA Sports labels Ole Miss as a rival) square off in the 73rd Cotton Bowl Classic in what is expected to be a sell-out crowd of 88,175.

We will keep this one short and pose to you the question: who will you be quietly or verbally hoping for to reign triumphant at today's end? Texas Tech, whose guilt by association with the Longhorns brings a sour taste to your mouth? Or Ole Miss, who... well, surely we all know by now the reason a Hog fan would cheer against the Rebels - is it how they go on and on about 'The Grove?' No, it's our old buddy Houston Dale whose shenanigans wore our skin thin over the period of ten years. It's unfortunate how many outside of our state cannot see that. Or perhaps we were too harsh, but that is another discussion.

Regardless, let's hear it. Who is your choice today? We have a bet going on, and we are all pretty sure how this one is going to turn out.

The good news? As much as we loved The Cotton Bowl growing up, the withering stadium is in its final year of service for hosting the Classic. Job well done.

Comment above and feel free to e-mail me at Thanks, and good luck to both sets of players and fans.

Arkansas Razorbacks


  1. Anonymous // January 2, 2009 at 8:18 AM  

    Cheering for TT. No doubt.

  2. Rodge // January 2, 2009 at 8:46 AM  

    No decision. Red Raiders.

  3. Anonymous // January 2, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

    Texas Tech will dominate Ole Miss.

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