Wrapping-up the SEC Predictions

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Well, it's over. Finished. Bummer.

Even though the start of high school and college basketball has us busier than a cat in a litter box, we are going to find the time to brag.... or maybe wallow in shame.

Our end result for the 2008 SEC Football regular season and Championship predictions was 71 - 26 (732) at 13.4 points per game. Not bad given the harsh scoring method in which we used. We really should not punish ourselves so much, and please, please, stop with the flattering Nostradamus e-mails.

It was a fantastic season with great games and (like most seasons) some surprises, kind of like Christmas for a four-year-old.

Look for our recap and our plateful of crow to come out soon comparing the season's finish with our pre-season guestimations.

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