Do you know of that point in almost every young man's life in which his father hands him a reciprocating saw and says "Here, cut that with this?"

Sure, the young man has easily handled a small number of your basic handsaws, struggled somewhat at first with a hacksaw, and possibly even tamed the mightiest of circulating saws, but this new object is pure power. Power that can only be guided and moved at first touch in the proper direction with skill, talent, and a whole lot of luck.

Training is over, that new power makes in way into Bud Walton Arena tonight in the form of the Oklahoma Sooners. It has a tough blade with many sharp teeth, the sharpest being Blake Griffin. At 23 points per game on the young season, Griffin leads the #4 Nationally-ranked and unbeaten Sooners against a hungry 9 - 1 group of Razorbacks with fresh leadership.

This is the first of two match-ups with Big Twelve teams over the next week. Next up is hated Texas, also in Fayetteville, but the Hogs need to take care of business tonight. Many Razorback fans are predicting one win out of two opportunities against our non-conference neighbors to the West.

Arkansas has built their early season on a mixture of tough rebounding from Michael Washington and the outside shooting talent of a small militia of guards that are just now making their mark on the program. Very few saw more than a small cupful of playing time last year. Some are new to Hawgball altogether.

It's a given that OU will be tough - so will Texas. Arkansas needs to keep up the three's, the much improved free throw shooting that has plagued the Hogs for years, and an inside presence against the tough Sooner frontcourt.

Arkansas can win this game. Coach Pelphrey, keep those refs in line. Boys, keep those head up; this is our house. Bud Walton, keep on rockin.' Rick Schaeffer, whip out the green plaid for this game, you are looking sharp.

Go Hogs!!!

And sorry about the bad analogy, but this board is already chocked full of them, so we figured, why not one more.?
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