Way to go, Auburn, you just made the SEC West tougher on all of us with your "top-notch" hire in Gene Chizik.

But, alas, before you go patting yourselves on the back, you might ponder what damage you have done to the hopes of your division competition.

You see, Auburn, it is not the fear of the SEC dominance that you desire from removing Tommy Tuberville and replacing him with a 5 - 19 head coach in Gene Chizik that worries the SEC West. It is not that at all.

It is the way that you have changed the recruiting landscape for Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, yourselves of course, and Alabama.... especially Alabama.

To clarify, we are not bragging about Chizik's recruiting record as a head coach - which in 2007, 2008, and 2009 ranked Nationally at 60th, 62nd, and 76th respectively.

No, we are talking about how you have made Nick Saban's recruiting in the state of Alabama easier than Madonna on Free Bat Night at Yankee Stadium. A Nick Saban led Alabama program that went undefeated during this past regular season and was an SEC Championship Game victory away from playing for the coveted 2008 BCS National Championship.

So thanks, Auburn, you have just made the already smooth trail of landing the best players in talent-rich Alabama just that much simpler for the Crimson Tide. Now the remaining four of us have to focus on knocking him (and them) of of his high horse.

What are your plans for the future?

Do not fret about even being competitive for awhile, Tigers; the word around town is that you will have reason to hate Michigan soon enough. But that is a whole other story.

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Arkansas Razorbacks.