If you're a vegetarian this turkey is made of soy and tofu.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Week Fourteen looks to be a week of joy due to the holiday season, but it also looks to be a time of sadness for some of the SEC's programs. It is also sad for us at The Big Red Board as our regular season picks come to an end. We hope to end with a better week than we had last week after going 1 - 3 (66 - 22 for .750 on the season) and a season high 20 points per game (14.0 ppg. on the season).

It is Rivalry Week, and rivalries means trophies and bowls - a Golden Boot, an Egg Bowl, and an Iron Bowl for examples. But enough talk, let's hit the Week Fourteen predictions.

November 28th:

LSU at Arkansas (at Little Rock) (1:30 p.m. / CBS) - While this game for The Golden Boot usually has some impact on the SEC Championship game, it is a little lackluster this year. Both teams are going with young, new talent at quarterback, and Arkansas is without 1,000-yard rusher Michael Smith. So what is left for CBS to focus on? Perhaps the rivalry factor and the competitiveness between the two teams. Little Rock looks for Arkansas to send the Seniors off with a win. We believe that the Hogs will end the look to the future on a high note with a 10 point win over the Tigers.

Mississippi State at Ole Miss (11:30 a.m. CT / Raycom) - Ye Olde Egg Bowl. Usually this game is competitive, but one of the two teams that usually dwell near the bottom of the SEC West is having a pretty successful year. This team just happens to also be hosting the rivalry this year so the deck is stacked against the Bulldogs. The rivalry hatred might fuel a good game for the two in-state schools, but we are not seeing it that way. Houston Nutt will put another notch on his SEC Coach of the Year resume with a 28 point Rebel victory.

November 29th:

Auburn at Alabama - Look out, Alabama, your good friend the Tigers look to spoil your bid for a National Championship and an undefeated season. Everyone who is nobody is saying that Tommy might have his boys pumped up enough to give you a game and possibly pull of the aforementioned upset. We say get a clue, even the Montague's and Capulet's are closer than this game will be. The Tide goes (we refuse to say 'rolls') into Atlanta with even more momentum after defeating Auburn by 32.

Florida at Florida State - Remember when this game was "The Game" at the end of the season? All eyes were on this as oftentimes a National Championship waited in the balance for the winner, usually Florida State. And while Florida State is a very respectable 8 - 3, this game is only a small blip on the radar as Florida is expected to dominate. We are not seeing this as the usual blowout for the Gators; Florida should struggle a little bit as they have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming week. Florida will make the trip home, thankful for a 12-point win.

Georgia Tech at Georgia - The Bulldogs need a victory - the Yellowjackets want recognition. After coming into the season with a #1 ranking, Georgia has had its struggles in the very tough SEC. Georgia Tech is not the player in the NCAA that it once was, but they look and long to be there again. A win over Georgia will be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, that step is too high as the Bulldogs win handily by 24.

Kentucky at Tennessee - "Tears will well and rednecks will yell - Phillip Fulmer is leaving.

Boosters are glad, His accountant is sad, and tax time he'll be bereaving." Kentucky wants to sure up bowl chances by finishing with seven wins instead of six. The Volunteer players will surely look to send off their coach with a final win. This one is too tough to call so we drew it out of a hat: Wildcats by 7.

South Carolina at Clemson - More in-state feuding in this classic. Only one game separates the two teams in the win column and both teams looked to have bowl games locked up. Clemson will hope that the home field advantage will be enough to get them over South Carolina. The Gamecocks hope that 'The Old Ball Coach" can pull out some more of his patented magic to earn a triumph over the Tigers. Spurrier does it; Gamecocks by 8.

Vanderbilt at Wake Forest - Have these two teams not already played this year? Oh well, 6 - 5 vs. 6 - 5, and there is not much that can be said about this game that has not already been said about these two teams all year long. Wake Forest is doing about what was expected of them, and Vandy has surprised quite a number of fans, critics, and pollsters. The Commodores hope to end it all with a collective, educated bang. Vanderbilt by 10.

That's it. That's the season as we see it. We will be nostalgic and thank all of you for reading this season, for the e-mails (both good and bad), and for all of the comments and feedback. Please do not forget to check back during the bowl season, including the SEC Championship game, as well as all throughout basketball and football season. We welcome all comments and feedback. Thanks for everything. Happy Holidays to everyone throughout the SEC and everywhere.

Feel free to comment above and to e-mail me at haydenhodges34@gmail.com. Thanks again.

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