Week Ten hurt a little. We are now 53 - 19 (736) after finishing 5 - 2. Our ppg is now 13.4 after bumping up with a 14.6 last week.

An epidemic has swept our offices and we are all extremely sick. That being said, here are the watered-down picks for this week:

All games are Nov. 8th

Alabama @ LSU - LSU would love to claim a home victory, but they will not this week. Bama by 12.

Arkansas @ South Carolina - Bowl bids are in the air. South Carolina helps earn a better one and Arkansas will need to finish the season with two wins to even become eligible. Gamecocks by 10.

Tennessee-Martin @ Auburn - Homecoming for the Tigers proves to be victorious by 22.

Florida @ Vanderbilt - Vandy has lost its touch this season. Florida has found theirs yet again. Gators by 24.

Georgia @ Kentucky - Kentucky hopefully cherished that win recently against Arkansas, because it might have been their last. Bulldogs win by 28

Wyoming @ Tennessee - "What? You are picking Wyoming. It's Tennessee at Tennessee... you are crazy." Well, we are crazy, too. Wyoming beats the Vols by 10

All of Mississippi is partying for a new statewide holiday, "Mediocrity if Fine Day." Ole Miss, Mississippi State, the banks, the post office, and the guy that grades all of the ACT scores are closed.

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