Today is the Day

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Today is the day. This is the one that we've been waiting for, Hog fans.

Today is the day that we tailgate a little harder, we get to the stadium a little earlier, and we might actually say something besides "No thanks" to the sweet, little high school girl selling five dollar programs.

It's time Razorback fans; it's time to say goodbye to old memories - both grudges and adoration - as a battlefront for message board banter. This is the peak of a mountain that we shall never climb again.

When Houston Nutt leaves Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium tonight, it is finished. He should then just be the coach of an opposing school. Is this a reality? No.

Houston will forever be the hammer that drove a wedge into the Arkansas fan base. In the minds of many, he will forever be the ego that put himself above the fans, above the university, and above the team. Arkansas Razorback dictionaries will forever have his name as the definition of 'infamy.'

Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night where the Razorbacks play with heart and courage. Where emotions are kept in check and right is chosen over wrong. Loyalties and friendship are thrown out the window.

Both sides will say tonight that this game is a game just like any other. Both sides are lying.

Forget coaching and forget talent - dedication, sheer will, and determination are the words of the day. This is the night where the end starts and a new page is turned. Petrino is our guy now. Tonight he leads our climb to new heights.

Come strong coaches. Come strong team. Come strong 70,000+ fans............

Tomorrow is Sunday. Tomorrow is the day we awake smiling with victory.

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