We're back. We had a little technical difficulty this week as well as some wonderful e-mails to sort through - some very complimentary, some not so friendly, and some with great tips on health and nutrition. We appreciate all of the feedback.

Week Nine dressed up like Roy Rogers for Halloween and rode off into the sunset, and The Big Red Board didn't fare so well this week. 4 - 3 on the week and (with Florida playing like a beast) 14.4 ppg bumped our running total to 48 - 17 (.738) and 13.2. Enough bragging about mediocrity, we're not.... well, nevermind.

Let's hit Week Ten as Tommy Tuberville works on his Paris Hilt... [oops]... Macaulay Culkin impersonation - you need more hands to the face, Coach T.

All games November 1st:

Arkansas State at Alabama (2 p.m. CT) - Do not underestimate the Red Wolves, Steve Roberts did take his team down to Texas A&M and surprised the Aggies with a four point win. But truthfully, Alabama should not be so unlucky. The Tide is red hot still, and with a #2 ranking in the Nation, Nick Saban should have Alabama ready to play. Bama still (whether admittedly or not) feels slighted about getting leaped in the polls, and they will not take a week off. Alabama by 28.

Tulsa at Arkansas (1 p.m. CT) - Oh how the landscape of college football has changed since this game was scheduled, at least in Fayetteville and Tulsa. SEC Arkansas is a dismal yet expected 3 - 5 while Tulsa has made it this far unblemished with a #19 ranking in the Nation. The Golden Hurricane offense is clicking and the Razorback secondary is questionable although the defense as a whole has been improving. Gus Malzahn makes his return and Tulsa looks to beat an SEC team to prove it deserves a BCS bid. Tulsa does just that by 12.

Auburn at Ole Miss (11:30 a.m. CT / Raycom) - Small world, isn't it? Last week Ole Miss took their new coach to his old school, and this week Ole Miss hosts their old coach. It's funny how Ole Miss cannot see why the Hog faithful dislike Houston (and they think that Hog fans are crazy for it) yet they still cannot stand (a successful) Tommy. Old wounds, my friends. But this is about the game and Ole Miss looks to strengthen their bid for a bowl as Auburn looks to fight off a downward slide. Both teams look to get one game away from that desired 6-win mark - Ole Miss is successful Saturday by 8.

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, Fla.) (3:30 p.m. ET / CBS) - "The World's Largest Oxymoron" earns this week "BRB's SEC Game of the Week" nod as the two one-loss rivalry teams look to stake their claim as head honcho in the SEC Eastern Division. A neutral site makes this an even tougher pick that it already needs to be. Hard decision, but Georgia's determination to endorse why they were an early season National Championship pick looks to drive the Bulldogs to give them the victory. In fact, that mixed with a clever Mark Richt does just that - Georgia by 10.

Kentucky at Mississippi State (1:30 p.m. CT) - What is it about Mississippi State that makes them so tough to predict against? Going in it is obvious who the winner should be, but the fear of the Bulldogs pulling the surprise like they did against Vanderbilt tends to make it a harder decision than it needs to be against teams like Kentucky. Perhaps its Croom's stubbornness, or maybe it's Kentucky's lackluster play as of late. Regardless, Kentucky, even on the road, seems to be the safe pick. We'll take just that as the Wildcats win by 14.

Tulane at LSU (7 p.m. CT) - LSU looks to pound on the Wave to vent from last week's loss Georgia. Tulane looks to be hapless in this matchup, and the Tigers need a big victory to strengthen their position on the voters' ballots to sneak into a BCS bowl. That will take some luck down the stretch as well as some specifics to happen. LSU starts the process with a 24 point victory.

Tennessee at South Carolina (7 p.m. ET / ESPN2) - Another tough one to predict; Tennessee is hurting, and you never know for sure what South Carolina team is going to show up. Tennessee's advantage is that it been alternating wins and losses as of late and it lost to Alabama last week. The Gamecocks have three advantages: 1.) they're coming off of a bye week, 2.) they are at home, and 3.) their next opponent is SEC West cellar Arkansas (so their bye week was spent focusing mentally only on UT for you critics). Steve Spurrier's boys take this one by 10.

Vanderbilt's players have term papers due on existential being next week, and the athletic staff is busy removing all future scheduled games with soft, theologically-based schools.

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  1. The Ghost of Jay Cutler // October 31, 2008 at 10:11 AM  

    "It's funny how Ole Miss cannot see why the Hog faithful dislike Houston (and they think that Hog fans are crazy for it) yet they still cannot stand (a successful) Tommy."

    Are we still bitter about Tuberville? Certainly. However, the critical difference between our situations are that we actually wanted Tuberville. You didn't want Nutt, yet you still clamor on about him. That's what's baffling to us.

    You got what you wanted, we didn't.

  2. Hayden Hodges // November 12, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

    That's a great point, ghost of jay cutler. Glad that you made it.

    And it's the ones of us here in Arkansas that matter the least that clamor the most. LOL.