Week Seven is history, Joe the Plumber still isn't sold on McCain, and Phil Fulmer still has a job.

Okay, who really cares about Joe the Plumber? Probably more than the amount of people that care that The Big Red Board went 3 - 2 last week with a point differential of 12.2 making the season-long running total 41 - 12 with 13.3 ppg.

Yes, Week Eight had a few surprises, and it also had some teams showing signs of unexpected dominance. Florida's dismantling of LSU by 31 was bigger than expected, and Arkansas ran and passed over, through, and around Auburn's defense while the Tigers offense was immediately signed for a guest star appearance as a patient in the "ER" Series Finale.

Let's hit Week Nine, shall we?

All games are October 18th

Ole Miss at Alabama (2:30 p.m. CT / CBS) - Two friends square off each other as head coaches Bryant-Denning. Despite what they say on the record, Alabama has something to prove after being slighted in the polls to Texas. Ole Miss has to play big for all of the special Alabama prospects. Actually, the only question here is which head coach will have the best looking hair at the end of the game. Well, maybe that is not such a tough question. Tide by 17.

Arkansas at Kentucky (7 p.m. ET / ESPNU) - While the Hogs and the Wildcats might not be the SEC Game of the Week, they might actually make the toughest pick. Wayne Newton has bounced this game between 9 and 11 all week, but true SEC fans know that neither of these teams have sparkled enough to declare either one a definite favorite. Kentucky usually wins in Fayetteville and Arkansas usually wins in Lexington. We accurately picked the Hogs to win by 3 last week, this week we'll take them by 8.

Vanderbilt at Georgia (12:30 p.m. ET / Raycom) - The SEC Game of the Week pits two 5 - 1 SEC East teams. Most expected Georgia to be undefeated, and many predicted the Commodores to be sub .500 at this point. We all make mistakes. This game will come down to which squad makes the fewest mistakes. Vandy will need to focus coming in after their surprising loss to Mississippi State. The Bulldogs home field advantage will make that too tough for Vandy and Georgia will escape by a close 10.

LSU at South Carolina (8 p.m. ET / ESPN) - It just doesn't seem fair, does it? LSU's coach (what's his name?) has to come off of a tough loss to Florida and immediately square off against Steve Spurrier. This game will also be cliche when it comes down to mistakes. Spurrier and his group will give the ball up some, but they will make up for it 100,000 strong. LSU has another week of long "miles" to go home after losing this one by 7.

Mississippi State at Tennessee (7 p.m. ET / PPV) - Who also would have thought at this season's beginning that this would be the Cellar Bowl? Mississippi State's performance this year has been less than dismal, and Tennessee is struggling to find the field from the locker room. The Bulldogs upset over Vandy will not carry over into this week, and while Fulmer will avoid having to stand in the unemployment line this week, a 14 point victory over MSU will not keep him from eventually ending up in it.

Auburn's coaches needed the weekend off to stand as a character witnesses in Tony Franklin's legal insanity hearing, and Florida is holding a training session teaching its fans how to behave at road games.

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  1. Anonymous // October 17, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

    bah! Vandy will beat Georgia. They won 2 years ago, and lost last year on a last second FG

    Look for the 'dores to get bowl eligible with the win in Athens!

  2. Hayden Hodges // October 17, 2008 at 9:29 PM  

    Good point. Could be anybody's ballgame. Georgia is playing depleted and (barring last week's loss) Vandy is looking great.