Ole Miss, you're serious, aren't you? You're that much better than Arkansas in so many ways?

Not only do they think that their 3 -4 football team is better than ours, they even have bloggers that think that they're "The Gift" to blogospheres everywhere.

"The Red Solo Cup" (which may or may not have a name which is a copyright infringement) repeatedly bashes the Hogs and their fan base. Their worship of our reject ex-coach is one that reeks of forgotten tomatoes.

They even go as far to have "Hate Arkansas Week." Cool. Clever.

The funny thing is that they will talk about the unimportance of Arkansas in the same sentence where they discuss everything that they have taken the time to research on our sites (much like what we're doing right now,....but we digress). However, we have never said that Ole Miss is unimportant, we just figure that the rest of the World has deducted it by now.

"Hog fans are crazy" they say. "Hog fans ran off Nutt and they now are getting what they deserved." That's funny. "We don't blame Houston for leaving." That's even more hysterical.

Have you Ole Miss die-hards not realized that we are not the ones that made the mistake? After all, you do not see multiple Razorback message board posters making the comment, "Boy, we sure were wrong about Houston Nutt."

You can, however, find a small number of awakening Rebel posters making comments like, "Boy, maybe the Arkansas fans were right after all." It makes one wonder that at 3 -4 with the Orgeron cupboard left full (per earlier reports, but sure to be readjusted now), if you still think that Hog fans made the mistake?

Do you really take yourselves that seriously? Or are you just being fans - perhaps hoping to make it big?

In all seriousness, Ole Miss, we are appreciative of you. You give us great ammunition for continuing to mock our old coach. Your state is good to give us two wins almost every year. You make our uniforms look good. And you keep our state from ever being ranked #50 in anything. Thanks, Ole Miss. Thanks poorly-aimed bloggers. Even our ACT scores are grateful.

Go hang out in 'The Grove' fellas; maybe you'll find your new idol standing around; Houston has been quoted as saying that the cell phone reception is top-notch there.

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