"Do you think that the SEC will reprimand us for that last series?....... Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!"

Show some class, guys. You know that the stripes handed you that ballgame. And before some of you debate that, I was standing only FEET away from the passing interference call in direct view of it.

Odd that the flag came from 30 yards downfield instead of from the official that was standing right on top of the two players. Odd itself in the fact that the coverage player was holding onto the receiver's jersey (grasping through to the shoulder pads) before he ever turned to look at the ball. Odd that even the National media has discussed the (and I quote) "questionable call" (which we all know means "bad call") both Saturday night and this Sunday morning. We will not even get into the official that "attempted" to blow the onside kick call. [Okay, I threw that one in there for fun.]

In the last 20 hours, some of your bloggers have done some decent writing, especially in the honesty about the call, but the insults about trailers and hillbillies (especially from a hypocritical Mississippi) are played-out. Bring something fresh and funny with a hint of professionalism; I would laugh at and respect that, my friend.

We're proud of you for hiring Houston. We're glad that we get the insurance of finishing no worse in the SEC 1 - 7 each year in the future. Yes, we know, you beat us this year....well, according to one polite lady that never said a harsh word in her life, "Ole Miss didn't win that game, they know it. They were given a gift; more than once."

Houston, you're still classless. Your actions at the beginning of the game with the entrance of your team and trash-talking equipment boys was enough to make Jerry Seinfeld vomit. Sway your hips, put your finger in the air, and run through the band; too bad there wasn't an old lady on the field for you and your special players to knock over. Yes, that would have been "funner than a pep rally at Papa Broyles.'"

Enjoy the Gatorade bath, Houston; hope it didn't make your cell phone buttons sticky...or stickier.

Oops, now who isn't showing class. Our apologies; the sickness in our stomachs made us do it.

Now, Ole Miss, let's hear your responses that start with or contain the word 'odd.' Respect to you, and congrats on the victory.

Oh, and Petrino is still better. Go Hogs!!!

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