Recently we had the chance to sit down with Derrick Johnson of UK Wildcat Country concerning the game at Lexington on the 18th of October.

It was good to get a fan's perspective that is a knowledgeable and die-hard Wildcat fan. Derrick was able to give some great answers to questions posed upon him.

From the outside looking in, the fans of Kentucky seemed to be in love with Rich Brooks for a period. Is that still the case?

Yeah, I would say that the majority of Kentucky fans are still in love with Rich Brooks. It's funny, for the first few years, a lot of fans didn't agree with the hiring but he has done everything he said he would do. He told us it would take a while due to probation and everything and it did. We've been off of probation for several years now and the product on the field is competitive with everyone.

Kentucky has lost one of its top receivers. How will that affect them Saturday against a Razorback secondary that has been repeatedly labeled as poor?

I think the loss of Dicky Lyons, Jr. may actually help our younger wide receivers grow up. We've had a lot of missed routes and dropped balls this season and with Lyons now done, maybe the young guys will focus more knowing that the throwing game now rests squarely on their shoulders.

Arkansas' defense has been prone to fall victim to both of the basic offensive schemes. Does Kentucky have a better chance at beating Arkansas with the running game or the passing game?

That's a tough question. The Cats are more talented with the running game but this season the offensive line hasn't helped the backs get loose. The passing game is hit or miss recently. I'm not real sure which scheme is the stronger one but I'll go with the passing game because those guys need the confidence.

Which Arkansas offensive philosophy will be the most (if at all) damaging to the Wildcat defense: the spread passing of Casey Dick, or the running game powered behind Michael Smith?

Another tough one. The Cats feature one of the most lockdown corners in Trevard Lindley but the defensive line has four of the fastest linemen in the conference. I think it depends on what the UK offense does. If the offense can control the time of possession battle and keep our defense off the field then I would say the Hogs have a better chance of beating the Cats with the spread passing game. If our defense stays on the field then I would say the running game will beat them because they will tire faster.

Kentucky came into the season with some high expectations and promise. How are the fans (and the team if possible) feeling at this point in the season?

Actually, the fans didn't know what to expect going into this season. We had a quarterback who had never started a game and a lot of new guys stepping into major roles. The 4-0 start was kind of expected but I would say that we were anxiously awaiting the Bama game to see how they compared to a good team. They played well and the fans seemed to think they were going to do something special. The loss to USC last week hurt those hopes a little. The game today is very important.

In a series that usually has the visiting team coming out victorious, are Kentucky fans seeing this game as a chance to end that tradition?

I would be crazy if I said no. Kentucky fans expect to win every home game. That's the same with every team in the nation. Defend your home field at all costs. The Cats should come out ready after the loss at home last week to USC.

Who will win the game?

Kentucky by a late defensive touchdown, 17-10.

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