Traditions, history, feuds, and shenanigans; yes, the Arkansas vs. Texas football past is full of these. Yes, the one-time rivalry that made the Southwest Conference has been reported to have faded in the minds of many, yet the "old-timers" seem to hang on while the younger generation has had it emblazoned in their minds that hating all things Longhorn is the most proper piece of etiquette in the Arkansas Razorback Fan's Manual.

Forget the much repeated fact that most of today's Razorback players were still in diapers when the Hogs left the Southwest Conference for the financial promise lands that are the Southeast Conference; these guys know what is at stake and they have learned how important this game is to so many. Unfortunately, with Arkansas bumping back the game at Donald W. Reynold's Razorback Stadium to 2014 (over money not fear, Texas fans), these players will be gone and, with the exception of a few current upperclassmen, they will not be able to have seen the explosiveness that is pure hatred of the Longhorn program. After all, Razorback Stadium was rocking the night that victory was fumbled away at the three-yard line, and there won't be a next year to see it, so this team will have to get their bragging rights on the road.

And if you're still not convinced, what better memory to take with you when you leave college than a victory over a highly ranked Texas team.

Arkansas has had two scares in two games over two lesser teams in which both games required some last minute Hog heroics. Two tough games for fans to watch, but don't worry, this Saturday, September 13th, the game won't be nearly as nerve-wracking. No, in fact, it will be clear, and in the two seconds that Arkansas is mentioned followed up by an "Easy win for Texas" on "ESPN's College Gameday" Saturday, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit will have the game's outcome already set in stone. So you Razorback Football players don't need to worry about even showing up; you don't stand a chance. Or do you?

The Hogs seem to have success playing the Longhorns in the state of Texas. You've got fire and motivation. You've got fan support. And you've got respect (there's that word again) to play for on Saturday. A good game equals a victory of some sort, and while Hog fans' hearts are nursing from the past two weeks, it is believable that they will tolerate another gut check late into the fourth quarter. You've had two tough games - we'll take another. Oh, and if you feel like blowing Texas out of the stadium, we'll take that, too.

Whip that ---, Hogs!

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