Patience is...

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Patience is the ability to know that the rewards of hard work are down the road despite the anguish of waiting.

Patience is taking disappointment in stride.

Patience is the virtue of grinning while thinking of future excitement and success despite current bleakness.

Patience is knowing that cliches like "Rome wasn't built in a day" are there for a reason and are applicable.

Patience is a 2 - 2 record with two close victories over lesser opponents and two losses by drubbings totaling 101 points to 24 from top-notch programs.

Patience is sitting at your keyboard and not crucifying a quarterback, a player, or a coach.

Patience is not thinking about Ole Miss beating Florida at The Swamp.

Patience is the ability to stick with a team through storm and calm - trials and victories.

Patience is attending the games and showing the recruits why they have heard that Arkansas has the best fan base in the world.

Patience is wearing your Razorback garb with pride - ignoring all naysayers.

Patience is the looking forward to the next game, knowing full well that the outcome will more than most likely be disappointing. Hoping for an 8 -0 (or a decent) season-ending run is not patience, but it is a plus.

Patience is supporting the team, both players and staff, with applause and a "Woooo Pig Sooie!" despite what happens on the field.

Patience is laying all dwindling early season hope into the future and enjoying Saturday's for what they are until then.

Patience is overrated but it is a necessity. For Hog Fans, only insanity and apathy survive as options. We have already went through all three in the past to get to this point; success now awaits as the end result.

Go Hogs!

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