Originally, today's entry was going to be about the performance of Bobby Petrino's Razorbacks against the Western Illinois Leathernecks on Saturday. It was going to be about how the Hogs struggled to keep the Leatherneck defense out of the backfield in the first half. And how the defense couldn't close the gaps to stop their All-American running back from chewing up more yardage than those mattress mascots. Catching, or the lack thereof, was going to be discussed.

Which group of suspensions impacted which team more? Arkansas' or Western Illinois?' The fact that Arkansas needed the opponent's quarterback to make a mistake on their last drive and that he did....four times. The Hogs need to focus on holding on to the ball and covering it up when it hits the turf. A shout out of respect for the Leathernecks players and program. Nope, we can't discuss any of this because my mind gets on a tangent and ventilation is needed.

Yesterday was this board's assigned day to write for Union.SportsBlogNet.com, and in the process we perused the other SEC boards. One cannot help to notice the Ole Miss bloggers with their newfound optimism. Oddly enough however, most of (some of) their time is spent making fun of Arkansas fans making fun of Houston Nutt. Or should I say "making fun of a small number of fans that still make fun of Houston Nutt." In their defense, they do spend the remainder of their space talking about the WildGus Offense, but they call it the WildRebel. And they do not know Houston Dale like we do. They laugh at the used car salesman banter that we throw at them in the same manner that we did when Boise State said it to us.

Come on, Ole Miss, while the Internet wasn't as widespread 10 years ago like it is now, we as Hog fans did not obsess with Boise State and their continuous bashing of Houston (some even to this day) the way that you do us. You talk about Arkansas fans being crazy, call us "tards" (an offensive term on all accounts), say that we're stupid, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Our most appreciated neighbors to the West, you don't seem to understand why a small number of Arkansans continue to bash on Houston, but you weren't paying attention every time when Houston would throw a 19-year old under the bus for another loss. Or the promises that he would make to a player then turn his back on him come press time.

You didn't get to hear his rah-rah speeches week in and week out. How each loss was another coach's fault, another player's fault, or even the same weather that the other team had to play in. Victories? Yes, they were all Houston's doing. It was Nutt, after all, that loaded the underside of the practice field with springs so that the players could really "bounce around out there." It was Nutt that gave them "a lot of heart." After all, we were constantly reminded that it was Houston Dale that has always been "a winner.... A winner and a fighter." Ole Miss, welcome to Cliche City.

It migrates the same way, friends: "We'll win a National Championship....there's only one Rebel...feel the power of that helmet.....building a fence....I told that kid not to pass....Where's my cell phone?" So get used to it. Somewhere down the road the dog that can jump through that hole in the fence will bite you in rear. Then you'll know. We're just glad that you took him.

You lump us together and call us crazy, but the question must be asked: who is more crazy? Us, the people that he treated like dog feces, for making fun of him? Or you, the blogger, the commenting reader, and message board guy, that repeatedly calls out the stupidity of the select few Razorback fans that continue to hate on your beloved football savior? Perhaps it is me for wasting my time and the time of the great fans and readers from Arkansas, Mississippi, and any and all other schools that wasted 2 to 3 minutes reading this. Apologies to all.

And Rebel fans, you don't believe that Houston will go down the same track? How familiar does a train car named "Play calling is overrated" sound?

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