It's time. It's here. Mixed in a stew of the 2008 Arkansas Razorbacks Football season is crock pot full of predictions. The Big Red Board will be no different. Inspired by one Mr. SF, this site has decided to make its season predictions and has waited until the last minute to do so. Intro be danged, let us get it started:

August 30th, Western Illinois - Western Illinois will be coming in with something to prove while playing for their coach Don Patterson who, we say with respect and sadness, has been unable to make the trip. Coach Patterson will be staying home for treatment of tonsillar cancer. We are glad to state that his prognosis is good and we wish him all the best. His team, however, will struggle to keep up with the fired-up Razorbacks. Hogs by 24.

September 6th, Louisiana Monroe - We love ULM. We are grateful for their frequencies on our schedules. This year is in Little Rock. We will thank ULM for making the trip. They will show us that we're welcome by giving the Hogs a 28 point win.

September 13th @ Texas - This is a toughie. Arkansas plays well in Texas (omitting this past Cotton Bowl). Hopefully this trend will continue and Arkansas wants to prove the national media wrong. Homer wants to pick Arkansas from deep in his gut. Money picks Texas by 8.

September 20th, Alabama - Saban has his first year at Bama under his belt. His nerves should be calm unless he thinks his team will not perform well enough in 2008 to make his hire look worthwhile. The Tide struggle in several games this year, but in Fayetteville they seem to do fine. Alabama by 10.

October 4th, Florida - There are talks of a National Championship in Florida, and the Gators are tough in the Swamp and they're tough when they play at your house. Arkansas is a gracious host and lets the visitors take home with them a 17 point victory.

October 11th @ Auburn - Time to pick an upset and on the road at Auburn is usually a good place to do this. Tommy Tuberville has always had difficulties and several failures at attempts to beat Arkansas. This year his "home state" woes continue. Arkansas by 3.

October 18th @ Kentucky - The Hogs stayed fired up after a victory over Auburn and plays well against the once again lowly Wildcats. Too bad for Rich Brooks, but his job should remain secure. Arkansas by 18.

October 25th, Ole Miss - Riding up Razorback Road past Baum Stadium, past the tailgates, and past Bud Walton will seem like a long and unfamiliar bus ride for Houston Dale. Fortunately, Nutt's trip home will be much longer and the feelings of an SEC road loss will be as familiar as the past 10 years.

Houston will have a little feel good to him as some old friends, supporters, and a small portion of his former players will indeed make the trip across the field to shake his hand and extend their support. Support is such a strong word though. One must wonder what will happen when a Razorback makes a diving play into the Ole Miss sideline at Nutt's feet. How quickly will Houston reach down to help them up, or does he have selective courtesy?

November 1st, Tulsa - It will be a homecoming for more than the normal reasons. The majority Arkansas fans will welcome in their former neighbor and offensive coordinator in a manner that will be like "sunshine" in comparison to the previous week's guest. The players will have an offensive fireworks display as even the Homecoming Queen will score to send Gus back to Tulsa with an 18 point loss.

November 8th @ South Carolina - Where is The Old Ball Coach's magic? Did it disappear in Washington only to be lost in the trunk? Spurrier can't put together a badly needed victory against the Hogs even in front of 100,000. Arkansas by 9.

November 22nd @ Mississippi St. - Thank goodness for another Mississippi school. State is always dogfight at home, but the well-bitten Razorbacks put them back in their pen with a 3 point victory.

November 28th, LSU - Arkansas fans remember that LSU broke their "Undefeated in the Rock" streak two years ago. Hog fans will want revenge. LSU doesn't care. No new streak carries on this year; the Tigers leave with a 21 point victory in their paw prints.

It's a treacherous limb that has just sprouted here, but the 8 - 4 record will land Arkansas in a decent bowl game. The limb snaps around the holidays however, and we predict a loss for the Hogs against a better opponent.

Bill Clinton dons a Barack Obama mask, Bobby Petrino and Company get a parade down Dickson Street, and people will still gripe about gas prices.

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