2008 SEC Football brings so much excitement to the table. With two coaching changes that attracted much national attention, publicized key position player losses, player arrests, and a subpoena years in the making there is no way to precisely predict the way things are going to turn out by season's end. However, the crack staff here at TheBigRedBoard.com are going to try anyway.

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But before we do, I'll use the word 'I' and say that (following some of the questions from our Week 1 predictions) for this and each week's games predictions, I will fully eat crow where necessary and admit my obvious inability to predict anything while acknowledging my lack of college football genius.

Here goes:

Top to Bottom - #1 to #6

#1 - Florida
We were originally predetermined to put Georgia in this top spot. However, given the surplus of rap sheets and a new key injury, Florida has moved up a spot in the opinion polls. A last second look at Florida's schedule versus Georgia's almost swayed us back to putting Georgia at Number One, but a game at LSU as one of basically four road SEC games late in the season once again tipped the scale back to the Gators.

With the" World's Largest Cocktail Party" being the determining factor, Florida is hungry enough and still have the taste of blood from a National Championship in their powerful jaws. Urban Myers will convince this team that he doesn't accept anything less than perfection two years in a row. Oddly enough, with a tough non-Conference schedule, Florida might win the East but have a lesser bowl game than #2. Slim possibility but still feasible.

#2 - Georgia
With the exception of the "WLCP" and playing at LSU, Georgia appears to have a somewhat easy schedule as far as the SEC goes with the majority of stronger teams coming into Sanford Stadium and the travel dates reserved against weaker teams. Playing the last four basically on the road with the game against Florida counting as one of the Bulldogs' home games is the only flaw on the conference schedule. Two tougher non-Conference games do not appear to be difficult enough to keep Georgia out of the National Championship or, at the very least, the BCS Bowl picture.

The kicker will be whether or not LSU can be beaten at home this year and this does look possible.

#3 - Tennessee
Last year's SEC East Champion needs a quarterback....and a very good lawyer. Coach Phil Fulmer will have his hands busy figuring out how to keep his team from a hot seat worthy 3rd place finish in the East. An irked-off Alabama booster will not help create a mental focus on what the Volunteers are lacking to keep up in the neighborhood sweepstakes in which there are two sets of Jones,' Georgia and Florida, both with garages full of Ferrari's. Volunteer fans will be lighting up the Internet again this year in search of a new head coach.

#4 - South Carolina
Spurrier and his Gamecocks could actually contend with Tennessee for the 3rd spot in the East, especially given the returning depth on defense and offense. A question looms large on whether or not they can get the offense to perform. The main focus for this team will be putting games together for the entire sixty minutes. They've struggled to do that in recent years on a game-after-game basis, and a quarterback battle that involves a currently suspended player is not adding manna to the mix. Spurrier's genius is tested again this year and gets a "passing" grade into fourth place.

Spurrier will feel
like he is a Redskin
again at points
during the 2008
SEC Season

#5 - Kentucky
The temptation to shake things up by putting Vanderbilt in the 5th spot was overwhelming, but crow tastes awful for Thanksgiving Dinner, and Kentucky does have the look to compete game in and game out without the ability to finish atop the scoreboard frequently if more than once or twice in the SEC. Rich Brooks has another SEC quarterback battle on his hands with the most experienced of the two having a career passing total of 14 attempts, all of which came in the 2006 Season. The Wildcats will have heart, but come season's end they will not even sniff hardware.

#6 - Vanderbilt
Poor Commodores; they had so much promise and potential the last two seasons. Vanderbilt even enjoyed some success and great victories. The cockiness of a couple of assistant coaches was enough to tick off all including the lowest of the low in the SEC. Payback will be the Commodores biggest rival this season, and with the amount of talent that left at the end of last year, even the stout Vandy defense cannot bring the team to conquer it. Unfortunately, Dudley Field will once again look more like it is hosting a track meet instead of an SEC football game.

There were little to no surprises in our list, but the chances of even a small number of slip-ups causing a shake-up in the top 3 to 4 makes the SEC enthusiasts' minds wander.

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