Wake Up Gentlemen

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"Time to get up and get the day started. I think I'll follow my normal routine and turn on the radio while I prepare myself for yet another exciting day of work. There's my morning show, giving me all of the latest news and updates about my team and some local stuff. "

"What's that they're saying? A player was arrested last night?..... What for this time?"

Inevitably, even with the large number of student-athletes on college campuses, the answer to these thoughts comes back to fall into just a limited number of categories. As of late, however, the fans' minds do not even process exactly who is being charged with what. One reason is that there are too many to remember. Another reason is that our minds have become numb to hearing this news from the consistent displays of ignorance that are being perpetuated.

Time to wake up, athletes, some of you are giving college sports a problem mixed in with a bad image of what many consider the snow white form of athletics. Let's be blunt: "Pull your heads out fellas." You guys have it made; you're living the dream that most of us did not even have due to the fact that reality taught many of us long ago that even our best optimism would not overcome our lack of talent thus preventing us the privilege of competing in college sports. Several fans live vicariously through you. Granted, it's a mantle that you might not want, but it's a mantle that you must accept if you want to go to an expensive school for free and play a game.

I heard it said recently that for every student-athlete that gets in trouble fifteen regular college co-eds earns their own need for disciplinary measures. That's somewhat refreshing to hear, but the ratio still isn't in proportion.

Stress and pressure you say? Let's get past that nonsense right now. We all had stress and pressure in college; they were sicknesses. Jobs were difficult to maintain if we, like you, even had time for them. Granted, Taco Bell never came under investigation for our wages, but just working made study time for us difficult. Not to mention that around the clock tutoring wasn't an option provided to all of us. Classes give us all stress, team.

Now a few questions must be posed: does stress, pressure, or even the lack of money really give you the incentive to go out with liquor on your breath, cannabis in your pocket, a gun in your seat, and a fist buried in your domestic partner's jaw? Is the stress so bad that you repeatedly forget to take care of that parking or speeding ticket? How does one possibly forget a COURT DATE? You know, the date where a black robe decides whether or not you pay a $150.00 fine or spend 3 nights in jail.

It has gotten so bad that a popular Fox Sports Radio show has a segment called "The SEC Police Blotter." So at least it is an epidemic that strikes all the schools across our country but more dominantly in the South, right? No, who gives a flip about the statistics.?

WAKE UP, GENTLEMEN! We all love you, respect you, and want you to be successful in every aspect of life, but we're tired of you becoming statistics. Knock it off; you're blowing opportunities that most of us did not have and you're cluttering up our message boards. Think about what it is that you're doing and what even the smallest consequences might be. Do it not for the fans, but do it for your future.

Ask yourselves, "How do those bleachers taste?"

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