"Baylor, Louisiana Monroe, Arkansas State, Memphis, SMU, Louisiana Tech, and Texas Tech. Those are some of the schools that Arkansas beat out in getting this new signee."

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Razorback fans had become accustomed to hearing this on their drives home as it pertained to football recruiting. The coaching staff had landed yet another highly recruited whopper. Several Division II schools were as jealous as a kid still playing with an original Nintendo.

"Texas was in on this kid. He had offers from Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas A&M, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, and even Miami as well. He committed today to play for the Hogs."

Yes, now that is what we like to hear, Otis. And oddly, as of the past few weeks, that is what we have been hearing. Dang nice to listen to your voice, Sir.

In fact, the great anticipation of Signing Day the past few years had gone the way of Sleeping Beauty.....only there was no beauty. Yes, great talent was being signed, however, there were becoming too many projected "diamonds in the rough." Too many recruited "athletes" and not enough key, skill position players.

The coverup by audio media in the state of Arkansas had gone on long enough. Sugarcoating bad recruiting classes and the loss of great in-state recruits had Dramamine sales in Arkansas at an all-time high.

A time for change from all aspects in the athletic department was long overdue, and the recent success of bigger name recruits has proven it. Yes, there are still losses on the recruiting trail, but even a freight train takes slow turns, and when that train finally gets headed down the right track it builds up a power of undeniable strength, eventually causing a snowball effect that leaves all in its path helpless. Once Petrino has his passengers aboard (and yes, he will get the passengers that he wants) Arkansas will once again show that it can and will be a force to be reckoned with in any conference, especially the best one in America.

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