The time is too exciting to wait any longer. Pads are popping, whistles are blowing, sweat is pouring, and predictions are being made.

We here at are no different. Well, you might not hear any popping or see any sweating, but there is the occasional whistle, especially an hour before lunch time. And we will predict. Oh yes, we will. Each week we will predict our SEC 2008 Football weekly victories.

With that said, let's dive right in with Week One:

Aug. 28
North Carolina State at South Carolina
This could be an interesting matchup between two coastal state schools - with the ACC wanting bragging rights on even this lower-key matchup. Spurrier has his Gamecocks ready to play at home though. - South Carolina by 10

Vanderbilt at Miami (Ohio)
SEC vs. MAC - Not really any history here to mention. Looks like Vandy's first game (and road trip) could prove to be a tough tussle. Vandy has been up as of late, but did too much talent don the tassle after last year? Regardless, the Commodores find a way to win. - Vanderbilt by 6

Aug. 30
Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta)
Saban, welcome to year number two. Nothing is too easy in the SEC, not even in non-conference matchups at neutral sites. The tide looks up this year, but every tide has its low point. Again, welcome, Coach Saban; welcome to 0 - 1. - Clemson by 7

Western Illinois at Arkansas
Nothing gets Hog fans more excited than a tough home game to open the season. We know, it's the SEC and an Austin date with hatred (i.e. Texas) does loom large in two more weeks. The Razorbacks won't overlook WI in Bobby Petrino's much anticipated debut. - Arkansas by 34

Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn
Atta boy, Tommy. You get the homefield advantage and will try your next attempt at National dominance as you rebuild your team with some exciting, young talent for support. Mr. Burns, meet Mr. More Playing Time. - Auburn by 28 over a decent ULM team

Hawaii at Florida
Colt who? Enough said. Enjoy your stay on the mainland Warriors. Florida starts off the season perfectly and Tebow receives National acclaim from 6 yards in by 28.

Georgia Southern at Georgia
Off-the-field trouble and key injures like to left tackle Sturdivant will hamper Georgia's beloved Bulldogs during the season and throughout the SEC as the team begins its quest for what many predict will be a National Championship. It's not going to hurt them during this in-state matchup though. - Georgia by 38

Memphis at Ole Miss
The Rebels look to make a go of it this year as they begin to feel the effects of Orgeron's media-referred impressive recruiting skills. Can new quarterback Jevon Snead make an impact to get this team into the bowl picture. The Rebels athletically are on the rise. Oh, and the Rebels have a new coaching staff as well. - Ole Miss by 21

Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech
The SEC has little to no trouble with the WAC in this "competition." MSU is on the rise as well and the Bulldogs look to start impressive to bust their way into the Top 25 Polls. Look for the coaching staff to have this team ready and pumped to play after a long offseason for a motivated team. Props to MSU for playing on the road. - Mississippi State by 35 and a half (just for fun)

Aug. 31
Kentucky at Louisville
"Dear Rich Brooks, It's great to see you and your team again. This season doesn't have the promise of recent seasons and it will be capitalized on. Your Wildcats are coming to Louisville and I do look so forward to seeing you again." Signed: 0 and 1 - Louisville gives the SEC loss #2 by 3

Sept. 1
Tennessee at UCLA
"UCLA, UCLA. Wherefor art thou, UCLA?" Tennessee looks to hit the PAC-10 in the mouth while UCLA looks to earn some respect. The Bruins are down again, and the Volunteers are looking to make new rugs. Holiday Monday night is the perfect place for this (what was expected to have been a) showdown. Only a subpeona of Tennessee's offense can save UCLA now. - Tennessee by 20

LSU and head coach Les Miles have a rap concert to attend and will not be playing opening weekend. We'll catch up with them next week.

9 - 2 for the SEC on the young season. Not bad, not bad at all.

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