Goodbye, Frank.

Hello, Mr. Long.

Hello changes.

Forget that.

Sanchez is hurt at USC. Dislocated kneecap is the early word.

Mitch Mustain is to take over 1st team duties.

More news as details come out.

Now, back to Long and the University of Arkansas. Here is just a few changes that have already taken place on 'The Hill' under Long's short tenure:

Increased ticket pricing for The Razorbacks Football Games:

Pros - More revenue for the Athletic Department, better spending opportunities.

Cons - The reason behind the 3 Million Dollars + loss in revenue last year - Houston Nutt's

release of the Golden Handcuffs and the "buyout." Increased ticket prices during a

down time in the Nation's economy isn't good for anyone's pocketbooks.

They are Razorbacks, too (the termination of the LadyBacks tag):

Pros - It will make the female athletes alledgedly feel equal to the men.

Cons - Habits are hard to break.

Increased ticket pricing for The Razorbacks Basketball Games:

Pros - Again, more revenue; keeping up with the SEC

Cons - More money out of our bank accounts; possible a decrease in potential attendance.

Media moving from courtside to allow seats for the wealthy right on the sideline:

Pros - Gets more fans involved with the games; provides for a bigger time atmosphere; raises

money for the high donation price.

Cons - Most of us will never get to sit there; some redneck will eventually find his way down

there and embarrass us all.

We're just going to be The Razorbacks:

Pros - As a fan, there are no Pros to this proposal.

Cons - Taking Hogs, Pigs, etc... out of the picture cuts back on marketing and merchandise;

We like you, Mr. Long, but we are HOG FANS and we always will be. You cannot, no

matter how good of an idea it sounds, and will not EVER take that away from us. If

you won't let it be printed, then we'll do it ourselves.

These are just a few. We are proud of the accomplishments that Frank Broyles accomplished in years past; we do have the best athletic facilities in the country, but we look forward to the changes that Jeff Long is ,and already has begun, to bring. However, we ask that you don't change too much to OUR beloved program and University.

We appreciate all that you have done, and while not all of the ideas that were just presented are entirely your's., we do ask that you consider the fans' wants, desires, and traditions before altering too many things. And please, for the love of all, ease up on the ticket price increases in the future. Five dollars a seat per game mixed with tanks of gas that would make Sam Walton gasp is a lot to some of the "rowdy" locals.