Anxiety Awaits

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The Hogs are picked to finish in the cellar in the SEC Western Division. High expectations even have them finishing 5th, slightly above the Ole Miss Rebels. What a bummer.

The waiting question appears to be whether or not the rabid Hog fans will tolerate the losses that even the staunchest Nostradamuses of SEC Media predict? Yes, we try to predict more victories and an SEC Championship as home custom dictates, but what if the worst does happen?

Can the Hogs climb out of the
pre-season destination cellar
with the talent in-stock?

Even with a decent amount of victories the majority of the Razorbacks fan base no longer had the desire to "put up" with Houston Nutt, his antics, his language, his throwing of people under the bus, and, despite the fact that his records weren't always bad, the season tallies were sub-par of what they should have been with the given talent.

If Bobby Petrino's Razorbacks have a low amount of on-the-field success will just the fact that a change has been made satisfy appetites throughout this season's entirety? Petrino does have what the masses crave - a passing offense. Starved for years, Nutt's offensive strategy passed less than blue hairs in an Oldsmobile, leaving new-age spectators cringing in their seats as smoke-draws and 2 yards and a cloud of dust on 3rd and long were more common than bad casseroles at a family reunion.

Petrino's detractors and supporters need to recognize that even an upper echelon coach in the college ranks will have a struggle bringing in a new system with the current stock of ponies under the hood. It remains yet to be seen whether or not this team's talent is underrated. If the assessment of its talents by the National and Regional media are accurate, then it will take a 20-ton effort and intelligence of coaching to make this season even a medially successful one.

Passes will have to be precise, an experienced offensive line will have to open holes while down-the-field blocking will have to improve, linebackers will need to be evolved and molded from other positions, and the secondary will need a Biblical-type miracle. And these are just the big things.

Hog fans do seem to be giving off the hint that they know this season will be a down one. No trips to Atlanta have been booked, but the support remains strong as every game looms large this year with at least three holding a special meaning to not only the fans but the players and coaches as well. Patience will be a virtue. Boo birds do need to stay in their nests for at least one year with a two-year goal of becoming extinct.

Can the experts be wrong for at least this season? Can the Hogs climb out a dismal cellar prediction? Let's hope so. There's at least one cocky grin that we don't even want to imagine being full of glee even while paying the high price of cellular communications and despite his own outcomes.

Hope does sit on the beautiful horizon, but anxiety awaits in 2008.

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