Almost Here

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Ah, the smell of football...bratwurst steaming, steaks sizzling, and any olfactory satisfying barbecue that you can think of to please your pallet.

What does this bring to mind? The sights, sounds, and excitement of football. The line of traffic that is a pleasure to deal with on the way to the stadium. Row after row of canopies, fans walking, your favorite team chant, radios playing, the band playing, and, but not limited to, the roar of the crowd. Feel the excitement and the rumble of the stadium. See a coin flipped and a kickoff that brings chills to ecstatic fans both gathered in tens of thousands and handfuls in livingrooms and eateries across the land.

Quite possibly the longest offseason in history due to anticipation rivals Christmas Eve Nights suffered through by 8 year-olds everywhere. This offseason which was filled with wait, mystery, rumor, and gleeful rejoice, now has approximately 26 days left. Practice has now begun to relieve some of the loneliness suffered by fans since early January. It's not enough though, it's more putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Football diehards know that they have the patience of a professional baseball player in a steroid line.

How much longer can this lull go on? When will we smell those bratwurst, hear the roar of the crowd, feel the rumble, and see that kickoff? August 30th draws near with the precision of wild cat slowly creeping in on its prey. Once that Saturday finally arrives we will finally again feel the release that is college football. Mysteries await to be revealed. Will there be passing? Will there be an alternative playcall for "3rd and long?" Is there hope for a championship this year? Hopefully all of these questions are answered with a resounding 'yes.'

Here's to new answers.

Ah yes, football, Nature's answer to writer's block for sportsbloggers across the nation.

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