Welcome fans of all things that are sport and of things that are interesting. My name is Hayden Hodges, and while my main focus in these writings will be focused towards Razorback Nation and matters pertinent to it and the state of Arkansas itself, occasionally we will escape this Southern State's boundaries and discuss interesting matters from across the United States and possibly the world.

The Southeastern Conference is not off limits, nor is any other team or organization. From time to time we will be in attack mode. Sometimes peace will be the necessary tool at hand. Sometimes just good-natured humor might be the prescription of the day. High Schools, bad officiating, poor sportsmanship...you're not off the hook either. Nothing is taboo. Well, not much is unmentionable.

Hog Fans, get ready. Definitely in this era and possibly in all of Razorback history has the biggest and heaviest page recently been turned. Several of the coaches' offices upon 'The Hill' are now filled with new decorations, not to mention the Athletic Director's office. Time to welcome this new part of history. It is time to grab ahold of the new outlook that is Razorback Sports.

New Perspectives? Absolutely. Everyone has a blog. Everyone has a radio show. Obviously I am no different, but I will strive to be. If it's interesting my goal is to discuss it. If it's on the fans' minds then my object is to debate it. I want you to be a part of this. Chaste me, insult me, compliment me, or whatever; just be sure to leave an opinion. The Big Red Board is here for you. We're here to talk, and we're here to have fun.

This will be fresh and from a fan's perspective. 'Cut and Paste' is not an option for me here. Each day a new take will be created, not just an article directly from another site expressing someone else's ideas. If you like it, feel free to tell others and to link to it. Message board people, feel free to use the 'url' feature and direct your friends here, I want the hits just like you do. Discuss here and there, but please don't cut me out of the process.

Oh, and tempers will flare from time to time and venting will be a common process. Time to get started. Let's rip it up.

Feel free to contact me about anything at haydenhodges34@gmail.com.

And Go Hogs!