"I think the Hogs will go six and six this year," says the southern voice calling from Prairie Grove.

"That's a very real possibility," replies the well-known voice heard Mondays thru Fridays.

"With the bowl game the Hogs will wind up nine and four" is the next caller's opinion.

"You're a homer."

This type of recent off-season banter has become commonplace on several sportsradio talkshows. Ironically, this type of discussion rings with a tone of hope and enthusiasm, especially when compared to the call-in predictions of last year....a year that had so much potential.

The difference? One Mr. Bobby Petrino. A year ago people were well into the stages of anti-Nuttism. Heads were being called for, message boards were busier than ever anticipated, and plans for banners to be flown over Razorback Stadium were well underway. Two All-Americans mixed in with other great talent were all that was predestined to save the fans interest in the 2007 Season.

Come game time, some tailgates were set up earlier than ever just for a chance to glimpse the latest 'Nutt, please leave' message creeping along through the air behind the powerful single engine plane. Some people laughed, some people scoffed, but more importantly, all people noticed. The fans were upset. Even a finish of eight and five and victory over #1 LSU on the road wasn't enough to appease their savage craving.

Enough rehash.

Even with predictions of new Head Coach Bobby Petrino being subpar when compared with the fans' expectancies of the previous regime, the fans seem happy; forgiving almost. A pass has rightfully so been issued. Arkansas' fanbase, which has been accused of being crazy, is smart enough to realize that Petrino and his staff will in all probability not be a BCS contender coming out of the gates. Hog fans as a whole do not have the rabid mentality that they have been labeled with; they realize that even with a new coach such as Petrino that National Championships and SEC Championships will not be an every year occurrence nor an every other year occurrence. But the hope to solidly contend on a regular basis has football hearts fluttering.

Only a disappointing season with a minuscule three to four victories could sour a united fanbase.

Here's to hoping that Petrino will not have a "banner" year.

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